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Welcome to Divine Path Activities:


An Invitation to participate in lucrative Social Ventures .

Education, Health Care, Community Living, Spiritual Village are not only safe business ventures but give equal Job satisfaction and social status.

Jai Hills an uncut Sapphire created by Mother Nature has been polished and decorated by me into a beautiful Jewel as a Princess Hill Station, having every thing a hill station has and more.

Ideally located on main Mumbai Pune Highway - 55 Kms from Mumbai among Sahyadri Hills on the foot hills of Matheran, surrounded by Dams and pollution free Scenic Beauty. Having all the infrastructure ready in existing structures and enormous land to start all the above activities.

Divine Path Intrnational School

Divine path will provide and Education.

  • That will help the students to become best in every field of their choice.
  • When added to variety of activities creates self-esteem and self-confidence in students leading them to become successful citizens.
  • With a variety of teaching methods which aim to prepare students for the 21 st century.
  • That tries to give our students not only an understanding of its peoples, its culture diversity but also of their duty to do something for their betterment.

Divine Path Ayurvedic Center

Will provide health improvement and Sickness treatment facilities in Alternative System of Medicine especially the Ayurveda.

It will offer advice and treatment from experts in various other methods like Naturopathy, Reiki, and Yoga etc.

It will have proper arrangement for those who want to stay and take treatment.


Divine Path Real Home


Where people at any stage of life can live together, can grow together, wiping out the loneliness in each other’s life

It shal be a place to learn and to teach.



Throbbing with activities of all nature, celebration of festivals, throughout the year.


Where you live to enjoy every day of your life without any worry about food, fitness or family.


Divine Path Manav Dharm

We want to create a center for all those

  • Who are spiritual minded
  • Who want to hear the saint and follow their teaching
  • Who want to visit Char Dhams but cannot manage it

Divine Path Char Dham Darshan will be a rue replica of the Char Dham i.e.

Badrinath – Kedarnath in UP, Dwarka in Gujarat, Jagannath Puri in Orissa and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu- in all its sanctity.

Manav Dharma (Religions Of Man Kind)

A Supernatural Power Created life controlled by laws of Nature. This super power is God. The Omnipresent. The civilisations grew in different parts of world. Their habits, requirements, needs etc were controlled by Geographical positions, climate, seasons conditions etc, A moral bond of fellowship friendship was explained by great sages, saints scholars, kings, re-incarnations of gods in human forms, kings etc. They guided with code of conduct this code of conduct was religion. The saints, sages shared teaching of God to the humanity. Life and Death experiences of happenings around us confirmed control, presence and feelings of GOD. None of original scriptures of any religion speak about haltered or enmity. They teach us love and respect among each other. Great sages, messengers sacrificed their lives to strengthen and spread message of love for Humanity, Basic concept message of all religions is same i.e. Lead the life with SATYA=TRUTH;DHARAM=PIOUSNESS BEIEF IN GOD; SHANTI=PEACE; PREMA=LOVE FOR OTHERS..We should not JUDGE OTHERS BUT OURSELVES. Body of every human being is made of same 5 components. i.e. Earth, water, energy, Air and matter we may have different colour of body or different body contours but colour of blood is same RED in every one. “THERE IS ONLY ONE RELIGION-RELIGION OF MANKIND'' there is only one god-god of love'' ''LOVE ALL SERVE ALL TAHT IS THE WAY TO GOD'' . LET US TREAT OTHERS THE SAME WAY WE WISH TO BE TREATED. '' OUR WORK SHOULD ALWAYS BENIFIT OTHERS''. If we understand and remember this our life will become more meaningful, purposeful and happy, and World will be worth living. All the religions are equal and important. but we have to be faithful to our own religion without creating haltered for other religions. With profound love for my religion GOD has directed and inspired me to start HINDU DHARMA SANSAD to inspire Hindus to work for happiness of Humanity UNITADELLY and Also GOD has ordered me to establish " MANAV MANDIR"=TEMPLE OF MANKIND”. Where anyone can come and pray and he will get blessings 0f GOD in his form. JAIRAMJIKI........





What was the religion when humanity started? People used to pray powers of omnipresent GOD like Sun Water Fire Earth etc; there was a divine creator or Mother Nature oldest scriptures like Vedas and Puranas give insight into divinity. As population grew messengers of god huided people at different places, divine messengers like Jesus, Gurunanik, Mohammad........guided people to lead a pious life..... after they shed the life their believers started movement to lead life as per their teachings they gave guidelines for way of life and different religions started from time to time teachings of all the religions move around SATYA (TRUTH) DHARAM (SPRITULITY) SHANTI (PEACE) PREMA (LOVE FOR LIVING BEINGS)
Colour or contours of body parts of humans may be different due to climate or identification devised by almighty but colour of Blood or biological constituents like composition of body from water, earth, air, fire either is same for all humans colour or groups of blood are same all over world. God or founders of religion have nowhere taught or spoken for enmity, hatred, conversion among people of different religions .Killing or hurting other humans is like taking power of god in one"s HAND IT IS A SIN All religions are way of life and equally important our own religion is great for us but have no right to hate or disrespect other religions for which God will never forgive us.

We all will die one day but world and others will be here. Let us leave love and friendship behind us. There is only one God "GOD OF LOVE" There is only one Religion "RELIGION OF MANKIND" LOVE ALL SERVE ALL.THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD.


Religion is the manifestation of the divinity already in man. The secret of religion lies not in theories but in practice. To be good and do good - that is the whole of religion

“Mankind ought to be taught that religions are but the varied expressions of THE RELIGION, which is Oneness, so that each may choose the path that suits him the best.”

-Swami Vivekanand

All the Religions are equally important, but the person belonging to the particular religion has to obey ethics and teaching of his religion. As a human being as per commandment of ulmighty I will work for Manav Dharam.

Being born in Hindu Religion as my duty to my Religion ulmighty has ordered me to work for Hindu Dharam Sansad.

-Jairam Chawla


Hindu Dharam Sansad


A society full of sanity moving towards the prosperity can only be created with obedience to god and feeling that god is everywhere, and if one remembers and adheres to teaching of Religion which move around "Satya" (Truth), "Dharma" (Piousness), "Shanti" Peace) and "Prema" (Love of Mankind) and "Ahimsa" (Non-Violence) one will be looked after by the Divine force (God) itself.

Love and Faith in god creates power of Conscious which activates sober thoughts and makes the heart and mind work for good only. It is only when one loses faith in God that one commits faults which results in crimes.

Religion is an authority to keep God loving people together, it helps in storing and distribution of results to mankind for better living and harmony.

Man is Mortal but mankind is immortal Individual human being has got a very limited life span, duration of which no one knows. Therefore it is necessary one makes purposeful use of this short period to create and live life full of peace and enjoyment.

It is duty of religion to let the people know and show them ways and means to attain the bliss of life and enjoy the heavenly pleasures in this world it self.

God made the beginning of mankind, and to achieve the fruits of god's goodness sanatan dharma (Universal Religion) was formed. Due to great area of our planet Earth, and its different geographical conditions and with the increase in population, and also may be due to reason of just for power, money and sex etc., some leaders were created. These leaders divided the initial sanatan dharma into new fellowship (Religions) from time to time. 

The group of persons left out of the original group and those who never had lust of power of muscle or money became the Hindus living in India and abroad. 

In spite of their existence of thousands of years, Hindus at present do not have proper guiding body and apart from being drifted into various sects they are being drawn into the whirlpool of politicians and religious leaders who want to further divide Hindus on the caste basis. The casts are created by man and not by god.

It is necessary, therefore that a board of authority should be formed to keep the Hindus united and guide them preserve the Sanatan Dharma and spread the fragrance of Hindu life. Religion is the direct guideline of the Divine force = Mother Nature = God which always above everything. If religion is great, Nation & the people of the Nation will automatically become great.


It is with this end in view that a board should be set up. the board should consist of 9 Religious Heads from the Globe, who will form the Supreme Governing Body of the Hindus. The board members will be called as Sanchalakas. They will be assisted by a 9 member Working Committee of Religious minded professionals, who will suggest the norms from time to time as per the requirements of Community, Society, Mankind and Nation.

The Board will make every Hindu feel proud of his region keeping. It boldly in mind that all Religions are great and that every Hindu will strive to create idea of fellowship and service to all religions and mankind.

Till such time the board is formally formed, Jairam Chawla will be Convenor of the board and he will try and form a committee of like minded persons who will help in formation of the board by visiting Religious Heads. On formation of the board, the committee will stand dissolved and Jairam Chawla will become the Honorary Secretary to the Board. The Committee Members will become members of the working Committee. 

The tenure of the Working Committee will be finalized by the Board.

Any vacancy in the Board will be filled on merit, report from the Working Committee may be sought by board.

The decisions of the Board will be final.

Persons directly connected with any Political party can not become Member of the Working Committee.

The Board will meet at least once a year or earlier, in rotation at Ashram of each Sanchalakas.


Hindus Sansad  to present a common Hindu Programme for all sects:-

  1. Every Hindu will take name of his God or Kulguru at least once a day.
  2. Every Hindu will exchange good wishes or do a good deed with a Non- Hindu once in a month.
  3. Hindus will register birth, deaths, marriages in a temple or other notified Organisation near their residence.
  4. A Hindu day (like Ekadashi) will be observed by all the Hindus once in a year.
  5. Every Hindu will visit a temple at least once a month.
  6. Hindus will be guide by a Dharma Sansad of Religious Saints from the Saint of the world (request will be made to Sankaracharya also to come in the Board) who will guide Hindus for fellowship and discipline of the Community and service to the Mankind.
  7. An International panel under the control of the Board will be created to reach the goal of Roti, Kapda , Makan for every Hindu.
  8. Every Hindu will learn minimum two languages one Hindi other mother tongue. These will be taught in most of registered temples and other centers throughout the world.
  9. A voluntary yearly diary will be maintained by every Hindu family who will make entry of above duties. The same will be shown to the visiting Brahmin at the time of performing religious rights in the family.
  10. All the Institutions, Bodies, Temples Trusts, Associations can become Members Sansad and get help, benefits and information for and about Activities.

When Religion is great individual become great and when individuals are great Nation automatically becomes great. It is better to be a part of a bigger organization or a common faith group, than becoming a part of small groups which can create misunderstanding and fights, in which sufferer always be common citizen. 

Due to selfish person some incidents of tension may have taken place, where the caste factor (created by a man and not God) has done damage to the society. By making your Religion strong with unity everyone will get full satisfaction and energy and enjoy the beauty of nature.

On formation of Board, Convenor Jairam Chawla has agreed to give  10 to 50 acres of land or as may be required on Bombay Pune Highway for Hindu Sansad Headquarters and then he will become full time worker for the cause.

Convenor: Jairam Chawla

The persons who can help this cause are requested to contact:

Hindu Sansad,


Jairam Chawla,

25,Nehru Road, SantacruzEast,

Mumbai-400 055.

Phone: 09324204458


All the above activities can be successfully done as a team.

Therefore I invite serious resourceful Entrepreneurs, Companies, Trusts etc to be part of this once in a life time opportunity.


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