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WHY DIVINE PATH? Jairam Chawla

This wind of globalization are resulting in excessive exposure to monetary and materialistic benefits which have created a sense of disappointment and frustration among all, as their desire for making quick monetary gains remains unfulfilled. If we want to avoid the demon of greed, lust and hate taking over all of us, we have to make sure that not only our children but all of us also are saved from polluted atmosphere, food, politics and thoughts.


With these thoughts in my mind, I decided to convert part of my nearly 100 acre land of Jai Hills at Chowk village near Karjat Fata on Mumbai-Pune Highway in Taluka Khalapur in District Raigad of Maharashtra (India), in a DIVINE PATH Multi Purpose Complex which would include an Educational institution, a Centre for Ayurvedic Treatment, a Spiritual Char Dham Replica and Housing Project for th seniors and/or Those who want to escape from the routine. And all this- with a culture and spiritual base as pronounced by Swami Vivekanand.

The DIVINE PATH Concept as visualized by me is it make every individual, whatever the age, religion, cast, colour, or creed, to become an asset to community and the nation . In other words, I feel that everyone should try to become a perfect human being, who thinks not only for himself but also of all around him. I dream of every one becoming capable of leading the humanity in its struggle for survival and a better world.

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